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Jelentés a rotterdami falfirkász scénáról

Falfirka, tegelés, bombázás, graffiti, street-art ügyében hallgattassék meg a másik fél is, oszt blogunk egészen Hollandiáig hallgatózott, a 4 gigapixeles témába vágó óriáskép a Nagyvásártelep firkáiról jó belépő ebbe a társaságba.

Következzék egy régi holland versenyző, SHER aka SHEROCKONE
. A feltett kérdésekre végül egy összefoglaló, önéletrajzszerű cikkel jelentkezett, sajátos angolsággal, saját alkotásaival. Köszönjük.

Csapatszellem, bandázás, tartozni valahová. Oh, azok a régi szép idők, mikor a hollandi lakosság értetlenkedve, de alapvetően passzívan nézegette az utcán fényes nappal tegelőket. Régi legendák, új generációk. Tegelők vs. street art, megannyi konfliktus, harc az élet értelme. Manapság falfirka-ellenes a közhangulat a mégoly toleráns Hollandiában is, fiatalok és öregek együtt takarítják el a tegelők nyomait, de a falfirkálást a rengeteg kamera is nehézzé teszi. Maradtak a hivatalosan kijelölt külvárosi helyszínek az önkifejezésre, meg a vasúti kocsik. Itt viszont egymással is meg kellett küzdeniük a bandáknak, kevés a szabad felület és sok a falfirkász. Néhány hónapja a kemény hatósági fellépés miatt a vonatok dekorálása is majdnem lehetetlenné vált, a rendőrség beépített embereket is alkalmaz, akik gyakran igen tehetségesek és megtévesztően szépeket fújnak fel :) Keménnyé vált a világ a falfirkászok számára Hollandiában.

In 1983 growing up in Rotterdam – Netherlands, I was influenced by the HipHop movement and my friends and me started out trying all the aspects: the beatboxing, rapping, electric boogie, dj’ing. I wasn’t good in breakdancing so I didn’t even continued/tried it.

In late summer, I think, of 1985 the BBC-television were broadcasting StyleWars, I’ve missed it. My friends we’re talking about this and soon we were looking for ‘graf’ examples on the American hiphop lp’s as well on the English, this went on till 1987 I think. It was till September (I think) that year, the dutch television was also showing StyleWars. And as soon the books WildStyle and SprayCan art came out, I’ve had enough samples to copy or get influenced by the many styles. I was trying all the styles, just to get good at it and to really understand how to connect the different kind of letters, mixed with arrows or strange connections. I always loved to draw and I’ve found my passion in graffiti and today try to make a living with it, doing wallpaintings, graffitiworkshops or whatever pays my way of living.

There was a new generation called graffiti writers in Rotterdam and soon the walls and trams, subways were bombed. In those times you could easily write your name at daytime ‘cause people did not understand what it was.

In Amsterdam was the USA, United Street Artist, Hollands most famous crew who also had a connection with Crime Time Kings from Paris, inspired us all with their styles and infamous stories going through Holland. Those days there was spread out, allover, a whole bunch of copies of blackbooks with graffiti drawings. It was a must to collect these. I loved the sketches of Aliens, Shoe, Cat22, Delta and Angel of the USA! In Den Haag (the’Hague) was a crew The Split Force, still exist, who also did a lot of pieces and they ruled in their city, with their great styles in combination with great colorful fill-ins, I was really inspired by Sense, Neal, Fresh, Jim.

In Rotterdam their were a lot of crews and I looked up to writers like, Eras, Alien2000, Mike, Save, Sydow, Time, Jean, Sine, Sism. I guess a lot more but these were the boys who really understanded the styles the best and also did great pieces at that time, that was in between 1985 till 1987

From 1988 till 1993, I think, we got a big hall of fame in a place called Coolhaven. And it was for the first time writers from all over Holland, who came to Rotterdam to do their pieces over here. I believe Eras was connecting a whole lot of writers from Holland and as soon this happened, everybody went back to the drawing to get better and there was a whole lot of styles to see. Also there was a boost of illegal pieces al around the city and for the first time you could see pieces on trains or subways. One guy, Ces53, also still in the game, was really driven to do a lot of graffiti on trains and was starting to become an early legend also because of the unusual things he did, like the pieces on a boat or plane or whatever. He also was the first guy to go for vacations in Germany to do a lot of top to bottoms and great colorful pieces on trains which we only saw in the hall of fames.

A short time after this, a lot of writers quitted and in Holland their was only the hardcore who continued the game and they did al lot great things on the trains and subways or walls. For Rotterdam, a crew called the DRS, was the hardcore underground, so I believe. They did a whole bunch of trains, subs, trams, walls and all the crewmembers were practicing all the aspects of hiphop, this wasn’t seen for many years. Nowadays they are Rotterdam oldest, still existing graffiti crew.

From the late nineties till now their a lot of things to say and a lot of crews to mention but only to name the crews who are important for Rotterdam and active these days: ESC, AK, LOSERS, DRS, CFH,TUS, BDH, GTA.

The meaning of graffiti is writing/bombing your name in tags, throwups, pieces on walls, in hall/walls of fames, trains trams subways or whatever the surfaces is, just to get up! Nowadays there is a lot of new subcultures which found its origin from graffiti called street art thingies… this is a new scene but for me, great to see but difficult to get a good opinion out of it, I believe we still have to wait another maybe 10 years to see how it’s developed and to look back on it. My opinion, for now, it has opened new ways for the mainstream and many people sees it as an commercial way of doing art-forms or created as an acceptable ‘graffiti’ expression. Why not, I like to experience too. Lastplak is a collaboration of graffitiwriters & paintartists who’re doing a lot of stuff all over here. 

On the streets there are a lot of surfaces which are painted by several kind of artist, young and old; just to keep it clean of writing/bombing. Because of Rotterdam artschools or whatever what kind of school, kids from allover Holland came here to study and they’ve also made a change in the scene. As a small city, almost everybody knows each other or are connected one way or another, so these paintings are respected and it seems to work to keep the city clean. Nowadays camera’s and anti-graffiti campaigns , extra police forces or the private surveillances or anti-graf-stickers are ‘everywhere’ to be found which made Rotterdam a cleaner place or difficult to paint

For the writers the city has build some small walls to paint (far from the innercity) and so now and then their comes up a new squatted place or trashed hood where is space for painting, but it never last long. Rotterdam has one trainyard and many trains were sprayed here, as difficult as it was. Not only from the cleaners but also the many writers who wanted to paint on these. There is not space for many writers and the guys most of the times waits for the spraying crew is done for they can enter or just simply go home and try another time. Since a few months the CentralStation have new teams, undercovers dudes in or round the yard, walking, spying from cars, making pictures and even makes well putted set-ups, placed cameras on the important spots, so nobodies likes to even try anymore. But then, sometimes somebody gets very lucky!

My first crew was with my ol’ mates KAS3, JOY (LATE), EASA, CAPO, SAIN, SCREW, JOY, SEASE and my name was SHER, U.S.S.R. UNITED STREET STARS ROTTERDAM. In ’86 we went on with VS vandalism stars and to name all the crews I’ve been in as history or till now:


In the year 1999 I’ve changed my name, a lot of people didn’t knew my real name and all called me Sher, this was not a good thing anymore for doing this game and I loved the idea to get a new name, new letters a new experience! Also I discovered a lot of writers all over the world with the same name and for me, it was just not the same exciting feeling anymore to have a name I shared with more then 10 other writers, I say this with all my respects to them, cause I like to see the stuff they’ve done, make  & do! I really enjoy the life we live and graffiti is a great part of it! 

For the last 25 years, I’ve tried a lot of styles and still love to continue. Most of my works were made in Rotterdam and now I like to see more and do more around the world. It’s like a big museum out there and looking on all the graffiti sides on internet is not fulfilling anymore, I have to see more and expand my ways with my crewmates. Maybe to see you and you and you and you! ROCK ON DUDES!!

MEANR – 1 MISSION – shout out 2 ma crewmates: ATLAS1 & HORN – ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

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