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razor wire making machine (China, Jinlu)

We can supply razor wire mesh machine with a daily output of 10-15MT. 85-82% of the metal sheet can be used with this machine during production. One machine can yield 8-12 pieces of razor wire at the same time. Xingyu provides razor barbed wire machine to produce different sizes of razor barbed wire. Output of 24 hours: 500kgs. It is equipped with cutters of 5 different shapes. Razor barbed wire coil diameter: 450mm; 500mm; 700mm; 960mm. Razor barbed wire material: Galvanized wire and stainless steel wire Authoritied by Anping Xingyu Hardware Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd Edward Export Manager ========================================================== Anping Xingyu Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd Yantuan Industrial zone,Anping County,Hebei province,China TEL:+86-318-7591618 FAX:+86-318-7591518 MSN: anpingxingyu@hotmail.com Skype: batterfly34 www.razorwirefencing.com

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