2005. december 13., kedd

Budapest, Belgrád rakpart

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Chakrahacker koncert az Almássy tér, 2005

Chakra Hacker, Budapest, Magyarország
Koncert az Almássy téren, képek

Band Members:
(Ikon Pava) / guitar
(Luxus Diamondo) / saxophon
(Abbas Murad) / trombone
(Carpet Syndroma) / keyboards
(Pumi Lemonade) / bass
(Hunor G'Szabo) / drums

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Chakra Hacker was formed in 2004. The band was formed in response to János Bujdosó " Yolk of Freedom" which was an album with a collection of soundtracks. Our music can be best described as multifaceted, it combines a large number of different sounds. Eastern European melodies mix with Latin rhythms and Afro beats, "World Jazz" mixes with the mournful and upbeat sounds of socialist-pressos and other Hungarian peculiarities, all while maintaining a connection and flirting with Underground music. These definitions however are unfortunately unable to satisfy the casual inquerer's curiosity. Our music spans several genres and the musical unity we achieve is made possible by the atmosphere which is created by the interaction of the band members while performing on stage. Thus the music itself forms a coherent and organic whole. The band provides quaility entertainment for the progressive-nostalgistic crowd. Our slogan can be best summed up by the following, which was heard in a radio interview of our band's leader: "You can count on us in both your overwhelming joy and sorrow." Our group toured in Poland last year and the result of this tour were further invitations to places such as Vienna and Slovakia. We also have a tour of Russia coming up this spring as well. Another interesting piece of information is that during this year copies of our songs "New Dreamtown in Real" and "Blood Hit Parade" will reach 100000 Russian houselholds on a compilation CD (http://www.stereo.ru/sv_onedisk.php?disk_id=83).

2005 magyar-olasz U19 labdarúgó-válogatott

Orbán Viktorral egy stadionban :) Nagyon demokratikusan együtt tülekedett a tömeggel befelé, fiacskája és egy szekrény társaságában.

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