2010. január 23., szombat

Space Invaders Against Homophobia

A RAW Budapesten

"Rosa Antifa Vienna (RAW) was founded in the summer of 1995 by young anti-fascists. Why Rosa (Pink)? quite simple, because we were sick of the predominance of homophobia in this society and unfortunately in the left wing scene."

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Nagyobb méretért kattingolj a képre.

További ragacsok a meleg antifáktól: Rosa Antifa Wien stickers (Aufklebers).

We want no education (parents, nursery, school, teachers...) that first breaks people and then teaches them how to function so that they are productive. We want no money (only that so we can live), no bosses and no fat cats who profit through our work. We don't understand why we are supposed to pay for public transport, accommodation, food and other necessities. We don't understand why people are in prison because they have the "wrong" passport, because the were born behind a line on a map and as a result are "2nd class citizens"! Why are there prisons at all in which people are interned? People who have not obliged the prevailing laws, or are themselves not able to adhere to these laws. Why are people in prisons for crimes against property? People who need to satisfy their hunger, people who have debts. This is the perfect world that the advertisements show us and with that the social pressure to own objects of prestige, we are no longer able to bear this.

Because there are still people who believe that sadmoasochist people need psychiatric treatment, or that lesbian and gay people must be "healed". Because many people believe that being hetero is "natural" or "normal". We simply want to form the relationships which we have chosen, so we (all people currently involved) can live without discrimination. We want to love who and how we want (if he/she also wants to). (RAW)

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