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Jurta a Kaszinóban

A Kaszinó közleménye:

Egy kedves amerikai barátunk fog a Kaszinóban jurta építő workshopot tartani újrahasznosított free shopos ruha alapanyagokból és egyszerű fa póznákból.

Várunk sok szeretettel
Április 1-jén, 12-től a Kaszinóba kifulladásig.

Kaszinó Temporary Autonomous Space
1072 Budapest, VII. kerület,
Nyár utca 29 (a Klauzál tér mellett)

honlap: kaszino2010.blogspot.com

(forrás: The Tiny Life)
Friday April 1st, 2011 at Kaszino beginning at 12:00 and lasting until party time!

We at Kaszino are having a yurt building workshop day. Yurts are amazing nomadic structures that are easy to set up and transport and can sustain life in any type of weather condition. They are an ancient form of house that is still used today in many parts of the world. Mongolia still houses 2/3 of its populates in the Yurt. A Yurt does not take much time to make if their is a large group do do repetitive work of drilling, tying knots, and sewing. This will be a great chance to learn how to build a yurt and to socialize with great people.

For more information on yurts go to:
http://willyourememberme.com/yurtcamppage/foldingyurt.html bring drills.

For information about my experience with yurts and my nümod manifesto go to:

This workshop will cover a brief history and tradition of the yurt. Followed by a construction of the wood structure to completion and we will begin working on the covering. On the exterior, we will use plastic advertisement sheets from billboards, and for the inside we will be sewing a large quilt from old clothes.

We will be going on a pre-workshop trip to purchase the wood needed and to find more plastic advertisement sheets. If you want to help, or have information regarding this, please contact me.

There will be a job for everyone, besides yurt construction, if there are extra people, you can, cook, play music, dance, work on art. If there are enough hands making the wood structure, their can always be people working on a large quilt made from extra clothes.

We will need you to bring (if you have):
Sewing Machines
Useless clothing

Once the yurt is complete, we will have a party, probably later in april to celebrate the yurts construction and to have a fundraiser to pay for the cost of the wood. Stay tuned.

forrás: yourtworkshop.com
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