2013. május 27., hétfő

Programajánló: legyél híres zsidó

Jobbikban bújkáló öngyűlölők, ellenzékben kartázó világuralmisták, valamint ambiciós gójok! Figyelem!

Szenvedélyed a zene, vagy tudod ismerősödről, hogy a zene szerelmese? Jelentkezz most a 2013-as Hallelujah nemzetközi énekversenyre, ahol 18-30 év közötti zsidó tehetségeket keresnek!

Got a passion for music or know someone who does? Sign up for Hallelujah 2013 - a global singing contest for Jewish talent aged 18 to 30. 

Hallelujah 2013, being held in Israel for the third time in December 2013, is a global singing contest for Jewish talent aged 18 to 30 . It  unites contestants from all over the world in Israel to explore their heritage, learn about the Israeli culture, language, and meet other young Jews their age while following their passion for music.

All information is available on its multi-language website.

Auditions must be submitted by September 30, 2013. After receiving all the applications, the Hallelujah judges will evaluate the videos and choose the top 100 candidates. In the next stage, applicants must submit a second audition, this time of a song in Hebrew chosen from the Hallelujah song list. 

The top 30 contestants will be invited to come to Israel. Participants are responsible for purchasing their plane tickets to Israel on the designated date. Program costs in Israel, including room and board, are covered by Hallelujah. 

The final contest will be broadcast on national TV. The second and third places will win a cash prize and the first place and winner of the contest will win a cash prize and a the recording of a single (recorded in Israel right after the final contest).

Is this for you?

1. Prepare a home video in the language of your choice. It can be accompanied by a single instrument (like guitar of piano) or without accompaniment. It cannot be a video of a live concert or studio recording. Do not sing through a microphone.
2. Upload the video on YouTube.
3. Attach the YouTube link to your registration form
4. Begin preparing a song in Hebrew from the Hallelujah Song List.

Hallelujah in Kiev

Hallelujah, in participation with the World Zionist Organization, will hold a local contest in Kiev, Ukraine on June 24, 2013 and the winner will travel to Israel to participate in the Hallelujah 2013 program in Israel. 
Want to participate? 
1. Prepare a home-made video of a song recording. 
2. Upload the video on YouTube
3. Attach the YouTube HTML link to the registration form

For more information, contact info@hallelujah.org.il

(Izrael Magyarországon via Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

(de hogyan a picsába ellenőrzik, h zsidó a jelentkező?)

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