2009. június 22., hétfő

Beszart a Picasa, javítjuk a blogot

google, picasa, fault, bug, photo,  fotók,  fotóMár a google.inc sem a régi, beszart a picasa, némely képeink eltűntek a blogról, ami nem tett jót a paranoiánknak. Szerencsére nem a picasán tároljuk a pótolhatatlan családi pornóképeinket.

Dear Picasa Web Albums user,

We wanted to let you know about a recent issue with your Picasa Web Albums account. As a result of a bug in our email notification system, some links and titles to unlisted albums and photos in your account may have been inadvertently sent to a limited set of other users -- those listed in your account as "Fans".

This involved unlisted photos only -- no 'sign-in-required to view' photos were involved. We fixed the issue within hours of identifying the problem.

google, picasa, fault, bug, photo,  fotók,  fotóTo help remedy this bug, we have reset the unique web addresses for all albums that may have been affected. This helps ensure that these albums are inaccessible to anyone that attempts to view them using the outdated web address. If you would like to re-share these albums, please do so by clicking the "Share" button while viewing the album. Note, resetting the unique web addresses also broke image links for some affected photos in your Blogger blog -- you will need to re-post those images using Blogger. This applies to images uploaded from Wednesday evening to late Thursday night, Pacific Standard Time.

We're sorry for the trouble this may have caused. Although this issue only affected roughly 0.05% of Picasa Web Albums users, we want to assure you that we have treated this issue with the highest priority.

The Picasa Team

google, picasa, fault, bug, photo,  fotók,  fotó

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