2014. március 30., vasárnap

EXTREME NOISE ERROR (programajánló, Mixart)

Jel : GT5 / ICON-tact / ROMEODARK ---------- psychedelic, psybient, core, és egyéb műfajok bevetései .... ----- MINDENKIT SZERETETTEL VÁRUNK ! ------------

Tuesday, April 1
at 9:00pm

Budapest, Hungary, 1074

WHAT'S behind the darkness? Once you start down the path of heresy there is no turning back - and why would you want to? So we plunge even further into the unknown, away from our ancient enemy - staleness, stagnation and normalcy. As we flee we fling open every door we find, revealing not darkness, but chunks of primal chaos, half formed ideas, lost artifacts, fragments, discarded remnants and strange emotions. Shockingly we find that the void that we once considered black and empty actually teems with life - microscopic creatures and entities so large we can't describe or even think about them. Here then, are some fragments we have found - images of that writhing chaos, constructed with all the obsessive precision of a madman or the hurried broad strokes of one who is being pursued. 

Compiled by Spiritual Tazer and Andaaza.
All tracks mastered by SooSpicey except Track 1 mastered by Antagon.

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