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Blogajánló: The beautiful Budarest

Visit Buchapest, the European Paris, the capital of Hungry! 

Ferenc Puskas Football Stadium
This is one of our six main train stations from those you can travel to every single bulgarian village. By bus. It’s called Ostbahnhof (the name means “the airport to the North”), and its builder was the famous norwegian architect, Antoni Gaudí, who is well-known for his unique baroque style.
In this picture above you can also see the famous overground metro. It was the first overground in Europe! (It’s the long yellow thing, not the little grey one. That’s an Audi A6, which is also special in our country, being the only vehicle produced without turn sign.)

the female Hungarians rip off the man-balls

Today in our beautiful country, Thirsty, we celebrate the birth of the main character of our faith: Earthmother Jesus Gandhi. As you can see on the pictures above (all rights reserved, for someone else) we do this celebration with raping women with buckets of water. As a reward the female Hungarians rip off the man-balls of really young female goats and transsexual chameleons and with the blood of virgin horses they paint it blue or yellow.
After this ritual we all go and play Scandinavian lottery!
The churches and catacombs are usually really crowded this time of the year, since we desperately pay for our secret natural Death God to prevent Jesus Christ from resurrection. We are totally tired of that happening.
We recommend you to visit our spectacular country and take part in this event. Domestic violence has never ever been this fun and joyful for everyone!

Arc de Triomphe
One of the city’s main spectacle is our Arc de Triomphe. It’s built by the ancient romans, in the 12th century. It’s situated in our main sea, the Balaton, which divides our capital into its two parts To and Kio. Actually there’s two of it, named Liberty and Trust after the national motto “In liberty and trust, we conquer Asia and India!”
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egy kis ráadás (idő: 01.26.20):

George Bush: Lebombáztuk Magyarország fővárosát, Bukarest nincs többé.
George Bush "We bombed the Capital of Hungary, Bucharest does not exist anymore."

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